Broadway Pride, A Video History of Broadway High School is the story of Seattle's first high school told through the words of those who learned in its classrooms and walked its halls. Broadway High School was a special place that made learning and growing up as a high school student in Seattle memorable.  But when you look at the Seattle skyline and think about its pre-eminent place on the globe, with its numerous icon businesses and institutions, you cannot ignore the contributions of the many talented students who graduated from Broadway High.  The memories are a source of pride that will last forever.

Broadway Pride, a project of the Broadway High School Alumni Association, debuted on SCCtv Saturday, May 24 at 8pm, in Seattle on Comcast Channel 28/Wave Broadband Channel 19, outside of Seattle through our live simulcast right here at

Watch and listen to the stories of graduates of Broadway.  Learn why this school, which closed following World War II, remains an important part of Seattle's history, a history that continues with Seattle Central College.